Avocado and Chocolate Mousse


1 g salt
2 × ripe avocado(s)
1 × vanilla bean(s)
60 g cocoa powder
2 g agar-agar
2 ml stevia liquid
600 ml almond milk
60 g almond flakes


Cut the avocados, remove the kernel, remove the flesh, and finely puree the flesh in a blender together with the scooped-out vanilla pod, cocoa powder, salt and stevia.

Bring the almond milk to the boil with

agar agar

and simmer for approx. 3 minutes. Allow to cool and stir in a portion of the avocado mixture. Stir the whole mixture until smooth and pour through a funnel & sieve directly into a 0.5 l whipper.

Screw on 1 cream charger and shake vigorously. Cool the filled whipper in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

OPTIONAL: Roast the almond leaves in a pan without fat until golden brown. Portion the Avocado and Chocolate Mousse into glasses and sprinkle with the almond leaves.

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