Coffee Espuma with Garlic and Chocolate

Your first look at the title probably made you wonder, “Say What?!”. I did too, but the truth is, it’s really good. Baking garlic gives it a  slightly sweet taste. But this

recipe isn’t for dessert. It goes very well on top of a juicy steak or chicken.  It’s a recipe I would encourage you to make, enlighten your tastebuds, you won’t be disappointed.

4 cloves of baked garlic (baked whole, 30 min @ 150 °C)
1  1/2 cups strong coffee
30 g sugar
40 g chocolate (70% cocoa)
ground cardamom
3.4 g gelatin (= 2 sheets)
1 cup heavy cream (38% fat)
1 N20 cream charger

Mix garlic cloves and coffee with blender or hand-held mixer. Add chocolate, a pinch of cardamom and heat while dissolving sugar. Stir in pre-soaked gelatin. Cool, add heavy cream, sift through fine mesh to remove remaining pieces of garlic and fill 0.5 L Cream Whipper. Charge with 1 N20 cream charger and leave in fridge over night. Serve with a drizzle of instant coffee.


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