Crème Brûlée Foam with Banana and Passion Fruit Caramel

130 g maple syrup
200 ml heavy cream
100 ml milk
0.5 × vanilla bean(s)
1 × pinch of salt
1 × Pinch of cinnamon
3 × egg yolks
2 × banana(s)
30 g butter
100 ml passion fruit juice
1 × lime(s)

Crème brûlée foam
Caramelise 80 g of maple syrup in a saucepan, then deglaze with cream and milk. Scrape out the vanilla pod and add the marrow and the stick, the cinnamon and salt to the milk and cream. Separate the eggs, while boiling the milk-cream-mixture. Place the egg yolk in a metal bowl and add the boiling liquid with constant stirring. Stir the mass over a water bath until the mixture thickens slightly.

Then place the bowl in cold water and, after cooling, fill the mass into a 0.5 L iSi Whip through iSi Funnel & Sieve, screw on 1 N20 charger and shake vigorously. Chill it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

Banana and passion fruit caramel
Caramelise the remaining 30 g of maple syrup in a saucepan, then deglaze with butter and add the passion fruit juice. Add the abrasion and juice of lime. Simmer over medium heat until the consistency is creamy. Then cut the bananas roughly and mix it into the caramel.

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