Espresso Recipe

3/4 cups heavy cream
3/4 cups hazelnut milk
3/4 cups sugar syrup
1/4 cups Vodka
1 tbsp. espresso roasted coffee
2 tbsp.  water


Hazelnut foam:
Mix the cream, hazelnut milk and sugar syrup. Heat the mixture and fill into the Whipper. Screw on 1 Nwo cream charger and shake vigorously. Keep the whipper warm in a bain-marie.

Rapid Infusion:
Heat the vodka, water and 1 tbsp. sugar syrup, add the espresso roasted coffee and fill into the whipper. Screw on 1 N20 cream charger, shake and then vent by pressing the lever down fully. Screw on 1 more nN20 cream charger. Rest for 3 minutes and then vent by pressing the lever down fully. Unscrew the head from bottle. Pour the infused liquid through the iSi funnel & sieve into a glass.

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