Fresh Whipped Cream

It’s Valentines Day, and that only really means one thing….Whipped Cream!! Today is that special day when you lather on the sweet stuff on something sweeter! A special Valentines Day refresher course of how to make the most delicious whipped cream! Enjoy!

Fresh Whipped Cream

Ingredients for 1 Pint Whipper 
1 cup regular Whipping Cream
1 teaspoon Vanilla (or to taste)
3 tablespoons powdered sugar (or to taste)

Pour whipping  and ingredients into your 1 pint dispenser, screw in 1N20 cream charger and shake vigorously 4-5 times.

Serving Suggestion 
Dispense fresh whipped cream over sliced strawberries or you  can also use as a filling or a topper.

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