Happy Holidays!

From your friends at Creamright! We have a had a lot of fun this year bringing you recipes of all types, expanding your knowledge of whipped cream dispensers and bringing you new and interesting recipes from all over the world and many different sources, to your kitchen. We hope that you have tried a few and if not, take a look back  through the archives to find recipes that you might want to try this year! We have a lot of interesting recipes to come in 2012 including our newly tested home made pop rocks( just like when you were a kid!) recipe using a whipped cream dispenser! You’ll have to try it!  We have a lot more recipes up our sleeve for the coming year as well, so keep us bookmarked! We are happy to announce that this year our Blog has had an unprecedented view count,  with the largest online database of whipped cream recipes for your whipped cream dispenser and recipe list for all uses of your whipped cream dispenser on the web; We thank you for trusting us for all your dispenser questions and recipes! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we look forward to bringing you more recipes,and more fun to your kitchen in the coming year!

Take a look at one of our most popular holiday party recipes:

 Carbonated Fruit

Fruit is delicious as it is, but have you tried carbonated fruit? You have always been able to do this using  dry ice, but that is never usually readily available and hard to come by. Carbonated fruit is delicious,

really fun and pretty easy. All you need is a soda siphon or whipped cream dispenser and C02 cartridges. The Co2 cartridges are the same size as the N20 cartridges so there will be no problem using C02 in your whipped cream dispenser —  here are the steps!

Fizzy Fruit

  1. Fill the whip cream dispenser (or siphon) with fruit
  2. Screw on top securly
  3. Charge with one soda charger (two if you have the 1 L whipper)
  4. Leave in for a few hours
  5. Release pressure with valve  – ( don’t forget this step!)
  6. Unscrew top and serve!

It’s a fun way for kids to eat fruit, and also a great decorative added for mixed drinks or garnish on top of desserts!


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