ISI “Fill It” Accessory

ISI just came out with an accessories called “Fill It” – This is a really neat tool! One of it’s main purposes is to fill pastries, baked goods etc.. with whipped cream, but you can do so much more with this tool – seasoning meat, fish, vegetables etc.. It is all stainless steel and dishwasher safe. ISI specify’s that it is only to be used with there thermo or gourmet whips. But this tool fits onto any isi dispenser as long as it has a head valve.  In fact it also works with Mosa dispenser and I tried it on an old Liss dispenser and it also worked. So chances are it might work on any dispenser you might have.

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There are two attachments injectors , the smaller one is 3mm and the large at 5mm. You want to screw them on directly to the head valve where you would normally put the tip.


It also comes with a plastic tube to put over the injector, that fits on there firmly for a wider spread. This is a great little tool is a definite must with any whipped cream dispenser. This will allow you to expand your uses of you whipped cream dispenser by infusing not only whipped cream and frosting but also liquid and seasonings into anything. It can also be used to decorate tops of cakes, donuts etc… To purchase one of these you can do so HERE


  1. Rick

    Please post a recipe for making cheese cannelloni with the ISI injector tips.

    That would be excellent.


  2. Rick

    I already have the molecule-R cullinary whipper but I would happily buy these tips. Do you know if these tips will work on that whipper as well?

  3. Creamright

    Hi Rick, the iSi fill it tips work on most dispensers. However I can’t be certain it will work with the molecule-R dispenser — but it’s worth trying!

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