Parts, Uses and Information on Your Whipped Cream Dispenser

We’ve had a good amount of questions recently about our dispenser parts. So we wanted to dedicate a blog about the parts of the whippers. It’s a common problem that you loose your parts in the whipper, to either the garbage disposal or any other instance. The good news is we have some! You can find them here.  It’s always good to go back to the basics to understand the elements of your whipper and terminology. For example purposes,  we are going to use a ISI Profi whipper, which is one of ISI’s top of the line whippers with a stainless steel canister(the same one that Starbucks uses). This whipper is a push lever whipper, you might be familiar with there Desert Whip or Mini whip series which is the same design. Lets first go to the basics and label each part.

Head of  the whipped cream dispenser   –   Inside the head is the Head Valve and Gasket

the tips screw on to the top of the head valve. (as pictured)

How does the whipped cream, become whipped cream?

The whipped cream only becomes a solid or foam when you press the lever, a mm of the head valve becomes exposed inside. The canister is under pressure because of the N20 and quickly pushes out with the whipping cream through the head valve.

N20 is extremely soluble in fatty compounds,  it is dissolved in the fatty cream until it leaves the canister, when it becomes gaseous and then creates foam” whipped cream”. The whipping cream must have a minimum fat content of 28% to produce whipped cream with a dispenser. A whipped cream dispenser  needs to be shaken after the N2O is inserted so that the N2O can bind with the fats in the cream. Then while pressurized within the canister the N2O remains bound within the fat. Once the cream is depressurized via the nozzle and the N2O expands within the fat molecule. Which makes  whipped cream four times the volume of the liquid, whereas whipping air into cream only produces twice the volume. Carbon dioxide cannot be used for whipped cream because it is acidic in water, which curdles the cream and gives it a seltzer-like taste.

How should I clean my whipped cream dispenser?

It’s very important after each batch of whipped cream you finish or between uses( IE: breakfast- dinner) that you clean out your dispenser.  If your using it between use, unscrew the tip and clean it out with sudsy warm water, and the cleaning brush that came with your dispenser – if you can’t find it, you can buy them from or parts page, or use a pipe cleaner like brush.  We recommend after each batch you take your whipped cream canister apart, take out the gasket, and head valve and clean it with sudsy warm water.  It’s important to make sure there is no cream particles lodged inside the head valve, or any where in the dispenser. Make sure to dry it thoroughly after use, either air drying or with a dish towel. Aluminum does not rust, but it does corrode, so make sure your dispenser is taken care of properly.

Common dispenser parts problems

“when I dispense the N20 in the canister it shoots out the top of the nozzle”

“When I dispense the N20 in the canister it comes out where the canister and the head meet”

This is a question we get a lot.  If the N20 is escaping from the nozzle, it means the head valve is bad and you need a new head valve, this is the only solution. Make sure not to tamper with your head valve, unless you are cleaning it, this will limit issues.

If your gas is escaping where the canister and head meet, then most likely it is your gasket that needs replacing. Check your gasket and make sure it’s there of course, and there are no lacerations that would cause it to leak.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your whipper, don’t hesitate to call us. As the saying goes  “there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers” and we’ll do our best to limit those! We usually can remedy the problem quickly and get you back on the whipped cream express.


  1. Jennifer Ross


    I have really enjoyed the information on this blog. The information has been very informative and the recipes look great!

    I have an ISI Whip Cream Dispenser (which I love) but sometimes when I pull the dispenser out of the fridge for use, the cream doesn’t come out as whip cream but just the liquid. It has happened two times and each time the cartridge was fairly new. Is it because I didn’t shake the dispenser before hand or because the tip needed to be clean?

    I have really enjoyed the information on this site and I look forward to what comes next!

  2. Creamright

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for the comment, and the kind words! We’re glad your enjoying your dispenser. The problem you seem to be having is common, it depends on a couple different factors. Make sure to look at what kind of whipping cream you are using. We usually recommend regular whipping cream, over heavy whipping cream because it has a better yield, but that doesn’t mean its definite. As regular whipping cream has less fat content. If you are using regular whipping cream, trying using heavy whipping cream and see if the results change..

    You can add another N20 cartridge, even if it is halfway empty. It is very important to shake your dispenser vigorously before use, doing this will allow you to achieve a better outcome. The tip shouldn’t have any barring on this issue, but its always a good idea to keep it clean. If this is a problem you continue to have give us a call 1866-944-7427, and we will find another solution!

    Thanks for reading,

  3. Brett

    How many whipped cream chargers can you fit into a 1 pint dispenser?

    thanks in advance

  4. Creamright

    Hi Brett,

    You can fit two cartridges in a one pint dispenser, one cartridge for a half pint, and you can use up to three cartridges in a quart.


  5. Rusty

    I would love it if there were other attachments to make the whip cream come out in other types of shapes. As I was playing with my daughter and her play-dough set where you push it out in different shapes it occurred to me there should/could be something similar for whip cream dispensers…?

  6. Lisa

    Hi! I am so glad I found your site! I can’t wait to try some of the unique creams! I have an isi Mini Whip and I love the homemade whipped cream, but I think I might be doing something wrong… The cream dispenses fine, and then it seems empty… so I take it apart to clean it and find that there is still 1/3 a can of whipped cream in there. It’s a shame to waste this… am I doing something wrong? Since it’s the small one it only takes 1 canister. I’ve tried leaving the canister on (thinking since I know there is gas left it will help) and taking it off right away, but both seem to have the same results. Please help…

  7. Creamright

    Glad you found us! It sounds like you are doing everything right, one key thing that gets overlooked is making sure you shake the dispenser vigorously before use. It’s very important to do this otherwise you won’t get anything or you will just get liquid. If you are doing all these things, try adding another N20 cartridge, that might fix the problem. Let me know if that helps.

  8. Lisa

    Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for the head nod. I was pretty sure I was following all the tips I had found on this site! I started keeping my mini whip on it’s side (in the fridge) and I reminded my husband to shake before using, and keep it fully inverted when using… suddenly it seems to work!

    P.S. Your Bailey’s Bash (from the New Years post) is amazing! Thanks!

  9. Vickie

    I just rec’d my ISI mini easy whip and I thought I was going to love it but I must be doing something wrong – the taste is just not right – it taste bitter (that is the best way I can explain it – I tried adding sugar (dissolved with vanilla) and I taste it before putting it into the easy whip but once it comes out it has an odd taste. Plz help.

  10. Creamright

    Hi Vickie,

    Hmm, it could be a few things. First, what kind of whipping cream are you using? We usually recommend regular whipping cream or heavy whipping cream, one because it comes out to thick, but the second reasons because we find that it has a better taste to it. Also try using powdered sugar over dissolved granulated sugar or a liquid sweetener like Agave. And lastly, and often most overlooked is the kind of N20 you are using. Sometimes the gas of the N20 can leave an after taste, or bitter like taste. You will find this most clearly recognizable between Chinese brand chargers and chargers exported from the EU – As the EU has much stricter health code standards, and is medical grade gas.

    Let me know.

  11. Sean

    My whip cream comes out good when first made but after 24hrs or so it comes out liquidy. If I add another cartridge it is fine. It seams like my unit is leaking gas. My head gasket looks great. I would susppect its the O-rings on the head valve as it looks otherwise OK. can I order or do you know what size O-ring are on the isi dessert whip? MY gourmet whip works just fine so I’m sure it isn’t my cartridges.

  12. Creamright

    Hi Sean,

    Interesting situation, it could be a couple things. One of the major things people over look is the importance to shake your whipped cream maker before use. You must shake the dispenser before you use it to mix the milk fat with the gas, otherwise it will come out liquidy. Try that, if you have and it still is coming out liquidy, you are right it very might well be your O-ring slowly leaking the gas. All of ISI’s O-rings(also known as the gasket) are the same dimensions, and fit onto all of there dispenser heads. The only difference is the gasket, the Gourmet whip’s gasket is silicone instead of rubber which will allow you to put hot items in the dispenser. Here is the link to a normal rubber gasket and the silicone gasket.

    Rubber gasket –

    Silicone gasket –

    Hope that helps!

  13. Torben

    Thanks for a good thread. I have a question: How long can you leave charged whipped cream in the refrigerator beffore it goes bad?

  14. Creamright

    Usually for as long as the expiration date on the whipping cream itself, sometimes a little longer – but that would be a safe bet.

  15. John Dekoe

    Getting an aftertaste sort of tangy? definitely shouldn’t be there. Help

  16. BeefJerky

    What if the gas is escaping where the cartridge holder meets the head? Is there a replacement part that can be ordered for that?

  17. Creamright

    Hello –

    It is normal that a little gas pushes out or escapes usually the top of the charger holder or the side either when you unscrew the cartridge holder, after releasing the gas. but if you are loosing the entire cartridge, you might just need to buy a new head, there is really no fix for it.

  18. tez

    How can I un overfill a whipped cream dispenser? I put 6 cartridges in a half pint. Now the air is stuck in the dispenser. How can I release the gas. The handle won’t even budge. Please help

  19. Creamright


    Really at this point you just have to slam the handle with some kind of rubber mallet or something, just to allow it to release the slightest gas to get the handle moving and coming out. There isn’t a lot of options at this point. Other then that, attempt to unscrew the head, but most likely it will be just as hard as to press the handle though at this point. You should never ever put that many chargers in a half pint dispenser.

  20. John


    I was hoping for some clarification on a few things. After the 24 hour period the whip gets very liquidy. I have tried adding a new canister and it helps for a while. Tried shaking but it does not get firm like it does originally.
    Should I be leaving the second canister on the whipper.

    Also, when I first make the new whipper and shake it the cream comes out firm but shoots very fast. We use it at our cafe and it literally shoots down into the drink making a mess…

    Help 🙂

  21. Creamright

    Hi John,

    What kind of whipped cream dispenser are you using? It shouldn’t be coming out liquidy. Before every use you should give it a give shake this yields the cream fat with the n20 which will make it come out firm. What kind of N20 chargers are you using?

  22. Patricia

    How difficult is it to change the head valve. The screw shaft at the top of the valve snapped off when the container was accidentally knocked over. I can no longer attach a tip to it.

  23. Creamright

    Hi Patricia,

    It shouldn’t be that difficult, it should just be able to be pulled right out. Take the head piece off and there should be two metal piston looking pieces inside( depending on the type of dispenser you have). One of them will not come out, however the other one will and that is your head valve. Should look similar to this

    We sell head valves depending on the brand you have, you can take a look here. Otherwise give us a call at 1866-944-7427 we do have other head valves that are not on the site.

  24. Mike

    When I first dispense…the whipped cream “explodes” out of the nozzel going everywhere?

  25. kevin

    tried to make a protein mixture whipped cream. used 2 scoops of protein and required amount of whipping cream. worked ok for a few shots and then nothing but air. opened up the container and found all the mixture down at the bottom. My guess is the mixturer of protein powder to whipping cream was just to stout would I be correct.

  26. Creamright

    Hi Kevin,

    hmmm, it could of been to think but how much whipping cream did you use? 1 pint? It doesn’t seem like that should of been an issue. I would suggest regular whipping cream ( not heavy, the fat content is to high), and using 1 or 2 n20 cartridges, when you put the protein powder and cream together make sure you shake it really well before putting the N20 cartridges in. Every time you use it again, make sure to shake it well, its important for the cream and n20 gas to yield. Let me know if you’ve had any better luck.

  27. Lisa

    I have a similar problem to Patricia (June, 2012), in that my canister was apparently knocked over and it only left the part of the tip that screws onto the head valve. I purchased new tips from you but now I cannot get the part of the old remaining tip to screw off. The valve just spins with it, even when we hold it with pliers. Could the tip be rusted onto the valve?? Any suggestions?

  28. Anna kerf

    I have now had 2 batches of whipped cream that have had the most awful, bitter after taste? So bitter, it is almost like it is acidic or hot. You immediately have to spit it out. I am using recently purchased soda charges. Wondering if the sales person sold me the wrong canisters? Soda does not sound right?

  29. Creamright

    Hi Anna,

    Yes! Soda is definitively wrong!! You need the N20(whipped cream chargers) NOT C02( soda chargers) If you bought them from us please do call back and we can get you on the right track. You cannot use soda chargers to make whipped cream.

  30. Creamright

    Hi Lisa,

    Hmm, well are you using pliers by holding them on the inside of the head valve? Or just the top? If you unscrew the entire head of the dispenser, inside the dispenser, make sure you are holding tightly that part of the head valve, then try to twist the broken tip, it should work no problem. I don’t think its rusted and with enough force and holding the head valve from the inside of the head, making sure its not moving should do it. You could try a little cooking oil or grease to slick it up. For future reference, make sure you are cleaning your dispenser after use, this will prevent this from happening. Also by taking the head valve out, and cleaning it. If your still having problems give us a call!

  31. Luci

    There’s some debate in my shop as to whether we should leave the n20 charger in the cartridge holder or not. Thoughts? Does it even matter?

  32. Creamright

    Hi Lucy,

    It doesn’t matter, both ways are correct! Most people don’t take it out because it’s just another step. Some people do because it fits better in the refrigerator!

  33. Jacob

    I know I’ve done something I shouldn’t – but please help. I use the ISI mini easy whip 0.25 l.
    I was trying to save a failed baking experiment by using the ISI mini whip (to add air). The mixture added to the dispenser was a thick cream of egg whites, almond-flour, powder sugar and sugar + one cartridge.
    Nothing happened. Nothing comes out – and the lit is stuck.
    PLease advice.
    Is there any way of dispensing the air?
    How can I open the dispenser with as little damage possible (to the least expensive parts)?
    I’ve even though of adding another cartridge to see if that will get things going…
    Great product otherwise ;o)

  34. Sally

    The whipped cream I made had a horrible tangy aftertaste. Are there different types of Nitrous cartridges?

  35. Creamright

    There are different sources of N20 chargers. Make sure you know where the chargers are coming from. We recommend you stay away from chargers produced in China, and only purchase chargers produced in Europe as the European companies have the strictest standards.

  36. Creamright

    Hi Jacob,

    The ingredients you put in are way to thick which would obviously cause it to get stuck. I would recommend you put your dispenser is hot water to loosen the seal of the lid and attempt to open it.

  37. Ian


    Whenever I put in a new cartridge, the seal on the cartridge is broken, but the gas doesn’t transfer into the canister.

    Is there an easy fix for this? Or do I have to get a new one?

  38. Mary

    Yesterday when I made my whip cream it came out tasting sour. So I poured it out washed it with soap and water and then made it agian. Before putting it into the canister I tasted it and it was fine. did it all again & again it was sour tasting. the cargers say SODA on the side. they are C02. I am reading and seeing that you are mentioning N20. is that my problem? Also when I first make it the whip cream always comes out like water. I thought that I read somewhere only to shack 3 times.

  39. Creamright

    Hi Mary,

    That’s the problem. You can’t use C02 Soda Chargers with a Whipped Cream Dispenser to make whipped cream. You must use N20. If you use C02 to make whipped cream it will come out tasting sour, a probably a bit bubbly and tasting bad. You should only give it a good few shakes, not to over shake. But your problem isn’t shaking you have to get N20 not C02. Give us a call and we’ll get you sorted out. (866)944-7427

  40. Creamright

    Hi Ian,

    Do you hear the gas come out? Does the gas escape elsewhere? One solution could be the Nitrokit, one of it’s uses besides cleaning the N20 is adding as an additional piercing pin. Shoot us an email or give us a call, and we can better examine the issue and get it fixed for you.

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  42. Shorthorn

    The cartridge won’t transfer to the canister…do I need to buy a replacement part? Is there some sort of maintenance I’ve neglected? We use ours often

  43. Creamright

    I’m assuming then its leaking out? You might need a replacement pin to get it to transfer, the Nitrokit tool is a great tool for this. However I would reccommend giving us a call to better examine the issue and find a solution USA Toll Free: (866)944-7427
    Tel: (239) 465-0008

  44. Steve

    I used the ISI .25 Easy whip for the first time tonight and have a few questions
    The whipped cream came out to soft and was not sweet enough
    How can I get stiff peaks of whipped cream and how much powdered sugar should I use with heavy cream. I like my whipped cream sweet so is there a general rule on how much sugar to add?
    Thanks in advance

  45. Creamright

    Hi Steve,

    Here is a good recipe for whipped cream

    Delicious Old Fashioned Whipped Cream
    1 cup regular Whipping Cream
    1 teaspoon Vanilla (or to taste)
    3 tablespoons powdered sugar (or to taste)

    Thoroughly mix together ingredients in dispenser. Replace cap, charge with one cylinder and shake.

    You can add as much Sugar as you would like, just make sure it’s powdered sugar, not granulated. Also make sure to shake the whipped cream dispenser before use every time, this will ensure stiffer peaks.

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