Purewhip nitrous oxide whip cream chargers are our original European-made whip cream charger. Manufactured and certified 100% pure nitrous oxide in the EU, these are the highest quality and highest value nitrous oxide cartridge available! Crafted in the premier Liss factory that does a substantial amount of European production, this product has an exclusive cartridge production protocol that our competitors cannot offer to you. The Purewhip nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers offer the customer high quality and value, at the fairest price.



–  ISI Profi Whip Cream Dispenser

This elegant professional stainless steel iSi Cream Profi whip cream dispenser and the newest iSi model(1630 01) stainless steel body and head, is the epitome of the professional whipper.  The professional chef’s choice. Stainless steel body, AND now featuring a stainless steel head metal head with silicone grip, sold metal charger holder, this is simply the best model iSi produces. Includes a full 2 year warranty from iSi. The 1 pint Profi Whip is the same model used by most Starbucks™ world wide. In our view- one huge advantage is that the head valve is removable, therefore easier to clean and less expensive to maintain. We strongly recommend this whipped cream dispenser.


Classic Glass Soda Siphon

We are proud to present this elegant yet extremely functional Classic Glass Seltzer Bottle. Own this historic treasure that was manufactured for years in Europe until the only remaining factory closed several years ago. Unlike the original, the siphon head on this soda siphon has been updated for a more functional use. This Classic Glass Seltzer bottle offers thick glass wall construction encased in metal mesh for a classic look with maximum strength. The rubber base prevents chipping the glass or scratching furniture. This is a lovely accessory to any kitchen or bar and our price is great! Includes a full one year warranty from the manufacturer. Dimensions are 5″ x 14″.

The Classic Glass Siphon was awarded “BEST TASTE”  and received 5 stars by The Wall Street Journal.



Kayser CO2 chargers

Fizzy soda water from the Austrian masters at an incredible price! As with the slightly higher priced iSi brand, this charger delivers a super carbonated soda water for all your beverages. The Kayser CO2 we sell is guaranteed to give you a strong effervescence with no aftertaste. If you’re used to iSi CO2, give this box a try! Each box contains 10 chargers.

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