Shiso lime mousse

5 × Shiso
50 ml Sake
0.5 × Lime (juice & abrasion)
50 g Agave syrup
0.25 tsp. guar Gum
130 ml almond milk
250 ml heavy cream
100 g white chocolate
50 g Agave syrup

Shiso lime mousse
set the chocolate aside. Blenderize the rest of the ingredients except the cream in a blender and let it swell. Then stir in the cream and fill it through iSi Funnel & sieve into a 0.5 L whipper, screw on 1 charger and shake vigorously. Chill it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

White chocolate
Melt couverture in the microwave or over a water bath and stir until it is smooth. Then spread thinly on a baking paper and let it cool down.

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