Starbucks Secret(or not so secret) Whipped Cream Recipe

We get lots of questions when it comes to making whipped cream, but one of the most commonly asked questions is “How do you make Starbucks whipped cream?” It’s quite simple and  can be easily accomplished with just a couple tools. (These are exact tools Starbucks uses)

1.   1 pint ISI Profi dispenser.

2.  1 N20 charger

You can purchase this combination Here – remember, any of our N20 brands are comparable.

3. 1 pint heavy whipping cream or regular whipping cream

4.  8 teaspoons of  vanilla syrup


You can purchase the syrup Here


Try the Australian version too: Starbucks Whipped Cream Recipe Australia


  1. Alice

    I have a ISI profi dispenser. It works very good when I follow the instruction. But I do have a question. After I dispensed some of the whipped cream, and put it back to refrigerator for 3 hrs, do I need to do anything else for my next time use? I just feel disappointed that the whipped cream coming out from the dispenser became liquid after 3 hrs. 

  2. Creamright

    Hi Alice,

    Yes, every time you go to use the whipped cream dispenser you MUST shake it, to mix the N20 with the cream — otherwise it will come out liquidy. Shake well everytime before use and this won’t happen.

  3. Megan

    The whip cream is only good for 24 hours and if you store it on its side you shouldn’t have to shake the can before use. After the n2o dispenses shake the can about 8-10 times. If your whip cream is to runny shake a little more. If you shake it too much it will clog in the nozzle.

  4. OneTwoThuy

    Hello there!

    Great post! Would you by any chance know how stocks make their latte and cappuccino? I’ve been searching the web but have had no luck.

    Thanks a ton!

  5. Janica

    The key part to keeping your whip cream from turning into liquid is keep the container refrigerated . It’s has to be cold when you make the whip cream. Then put it back in the fridge until your are ready to use . The colder the better but do not freeze .

  6. Janica

    How to make Statbucks grande latte – here you go ….
    Two shots of espresso 
    Two points pumps of your favorite liquor (optional) 
    Add hot milk .

    Depending is you want a wet (more milk) dry (more foam than milk) 
    You will need a a milk steamer to make the foam . Add expresso into your cup and go crazy with foam more or milk .. Which ever one like ..

  7. Shelley

    I got a drink from them recently where the whipped cream was NOT sweet. Could it be they forgot the vanilla?

  8. Valentina

    This is DELICIOUS and it taste just like the Starbucks whipped cream, One Question. Do you need that despencer & How long does the whipped cream last? (Ik how it tasted because my friend made it we tried regular and this one and there was no difference just the slightest.) 

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