Infusing Flavors into Liquor

When talking about whipped cream dispensers  the first thing that comes into mind usually isn’t liquor, but now it can be! Check out this fantastic article by, infusing flavors into liquor using a whipped cream dispenser.  The technique is so easy, and after tasting I can confirm – Good! You can use herbs, fruits, spices and even cacao nibs! (we sell those) chocolate infused liquor was fabulous, you can purchase them from  It’s fun and it’s easy, start experimenting! Take a look at the article here:

Infusion Profusion


Vodka Infused Whipped Cream

Check out this recipe for vodka infused whip cream. Infusing liquor into whip cream is not a new concept, but with whipped lighting and Cream (companies that market alcohol infused whipped cream in aerosol cans) gaining some traction, it has become discussed a lot more. With a whipped cream dispenser your options for infusing liquor into whipped cream are endless. This is one of our favorite recipes using vodka.

(for 1 pint whip cream maker, for half pint dispenser cut recipe in half)

2 cups of regular whipping cream

2 tbsps powdered sugar

2 tbsps vanilla vodka (ABSOLUT vanilla pref.)


Place ingredients inside whip cream canister, shake whip cream canister to mix ingredients. Dispense one whipped cream charger inside the canister and shake again and you are ready to enjoy some delicious whipped cream.  This recipe is great with almost anything, coffee, cocktails, desserts etc..


Check out this video on how to make Vodka Infused Whipped cream, and any other liquor infused whipped cream