Drink the cool-aid, and all 8 glasses!

Summer Solstice was yesterday, which means if you haven’t already its time to gear up for summer weather. The Mayo Clinic has posted a great article on water intake and how much you should drink – with a diagram of functions of water in the body. Check out the link here, and lets get drinking (water)!

We know how boring that might sound, but it doesn’t have to be! Its always a good idea to have a Classic Glass soda siphon around for a cold and refreshing bubbly drink –  ready when you need it.

Have fun this summer with this special soda making treat. Add your own syrups or just some fresh squeezed lemons and limes.  Its a great alternative to unhealthy soft drinks and limits intakes of additives and sugars, while keeping everyone safely hydrated.

The Classic Glass siphon works with 8 gram C02 cartridges, and is an easier alternative to carrying around soda water bottles.  Make cocktails, sodas and juices, and look totally cool while doing it!

Click this link to check out the Classic Glass Siphon.


  1. Maurine

    I know nothing about this product but wonder if I could mix up root beer ingrediants and put in the fridg to have it handy for a few days or weeks. The same sort og question about the whip cream whipper. We are a family of two and wouldn’t use large amounts quickly. Would the cream keep for a week? Would the n20 cart. stay in the dispenser …
    Thank you for your blog and website

  2. admin

    Hi Maurine,

    We don’t recommend you putting other ingredients inside the siphon itself, as it will clog the internal mechanism. Put the ingredients in a separate glass then put the carbonated water in. The colder you keep the carbonated water, the more effervescence will be achieved, and you will get better results making the soda.

    In terms of the whipped cream, the whipped cream is usually as good until the expiration date on the whipping cream itself. There really isn’t a sure answer in terms of the N20 keeping its hold, as the majority of the time it is not a problem. But if you find that after a 4-5 days its loosing its firmness. You can go ahead and add another N20 cartridge. It also will depend on the kind of N20 your using – It’s always important to use quality European gas over the Chinese cheap stuff, as you will achieve much better results.

    Hope this answers your questions!

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