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iSi Stainless Steel Funnel and Filter for Whipper

iSi Stainless Steel Funnel and Filter for Whipper
iSi cream dispensers and cream chargers
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Product Description

Aesthetic and functional, iSi quality made, heavy duty 700 ml (almost 1 quart) siphon with sieve to filer out solids for use with the whippers. Quickly fill the iSi whipper with your sauce or Espuma preparation. It's easy to miss completely when there’s no spout or pouring lip on the edge of the bowl! Spills will never happen again with the new iSi stainless steel funnel with sieve insert. This is a 2 piece quality stainless steel product.Each piece may be used individually or for convenience, they may be used together if the preparation needs to be strained prior to being poured into the bottle.Use it to prepare an Espuma foam or any creation using the whippers. Remeber, the whipped cream / foam makers will not allow for the passage of large chunks through the head valve, this item is designed for effective filtering. This is the solution. Perfect for straining preparations containing pulp or seeds. iSi Specifications:The funnel's large capacity (700 ml) allows for a clean work areaMinimizes prep time: flows right from the sieve into funnel and directly into the iSi whipperStainless steel 18/10, dishwasher-safe