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Sparkwhip Austrian Cream Chargers- 300 Pack

Sparkwhip Austrian Cream Chargers- 300 Pack
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Code: WCC-MN-SP300
Shipping Weight: 20.00 pounds
Suggested Retail Price: $162.50

Our Price: $130.00

Product Description

Case of 300 Sparkwhip cream chargers - 6 x 50

Produced in Austria one of the world's largest and most respected producer of whip cream chargers and dispensers. Sparkwhip has been a brand available in Europe for decades, now we have this great product in North America. Manufactured using the most sophisticated production methods and are certified by the EU to ensure purity and overall quality. Pure Nitrous Oxide for Whipped Cream is individually weighed electronically to ensure a consistent level of gas. HACCP certified to ensure the highest food grade quality - chargers are cleaned using a proprietary method to remove all traces carbon and any other contaminants.

We ensure product quality with 2 year warranty, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Manufacturer: Vienna, Austria
  • Point of Export: Austria
  • Notes: Compatible with all standard whip cream dispensers including iSi, Kayser, Mosa, Liss