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New California Requirements for Whipped Cream Charger Orders

Thank you for your interest and orders of our kitchen and bar tools. Whipped Cream Chargers contain nitrous oxide which is an incredible food propellent. In addition to infusing flavors and making whipped cream, the cartridges have the potential to be abused if inhaled.

Although we presume that your purchase of our whipped cream chargers is for culinary or other legally proscribed reasons, California law now requires us to be extra cautious and obtain government issued ID verifying your age and identify and your signature acknowledging essentially the same issues we have always required during the checkout process. We are really sorry for this requirment if it is a bit onerous, but we are trying to comply with their requirments.

We very much appreciate your understanding as we try very hard to accommodate these requirements. In the checkout process we do require a similar affirmation, however in an abundance of caution we are asking you to affirm.

The link to required document for a simple electronic signature:California Affirm

Thanks for your undertanding and cooperation.

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