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Creamright Operations During Corona Virus

At Creamright we are, like the rest of the world, very sad, nervous, and impacted by the appearance of this horrid menace. We have been most fortunate to report to you that we are able to carry on shipping to both our online customers an "brick and mortar" re-sellers. Although our operations in all 3 of our dispatch locations (Florida, New Jersey, and California) continue to be operational and we are able to continue very fast order processing and transit times, we do have certain constraints that may impact you:

Because we practice "social distancing" at our shipping locations, because we have seen an increase in online orders, and because couriers UPS and FedEx have modified their pick up times and also their transit times; you may see a day or two delay in delivery of your order.

Although rare, we have also had a few instances where the couriers will not make a delivery because of "shelter in place". We are not certain why this has occurred as virtually all USA cities are allowing courier deliveries. We have only seen a very few instances of this.

We are deeply sorry for these inconveniences, but this is the reality we are presently dealing with. We will continue to try process and deliver your orders. Just like you, aside from the honor of being able to continue working, our personal worlds have radically changed and we understand receiving your orders and exploring the magic of just making a dessert or creating a unique infusion is perhaps even more exciting than it has ever been. We will continue to work very hard getting your orders to your hands quickly

Although it is said so often it seems sometimes insincere, we at Creamright Products wish you, your families, and the ones you love all safety and sanity as the world grapples with this issue and we move forward to a more "normal " version of life.

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