Common Whipped Cream Dispenser Issues

One of our most “famous” blog posts is  “Parts, Uses and Information on Your Whipped Cream Dispenser” we did back in 2010. This post has grown substantially in comments, so I wanted to regroup all of the most common questions and concerns to identify issues and solutions. With the Holidays now in full swing your whipped cream dispenser  in some cases will be getting it’s yearly work over and so many times you’ll find issues and problems, that maybe you didn’t have last year. We’ll try to tackle the most common issues,  making your holiday whipped cream, sweet, easy and hassle free! Here are the top 10 most common problems, with solutions.

1. Do you use C02 or N20 for whipped cream in a whipped cream dispenser?

N20 ( Nitrous Oxide) is the only gas that can be used in your whipped cream dispenser to make whipped cream. You CANNOT use C02, to make whipped cream in your dispenser, I’ll say it again, you can absolutely positively not use Co2 to make whipped cream with your whipped cream dispenser. This is by far the most common asked question and the most common problem. If  your milk isn’t sour and you find your whipped cream taste, metallic or perhaps bubbly, check the box you got the cartridge out of. 9 out of 10 times it’s because you are using C02( soda chargers) instead of N20 (whipped cream chargers).


2. My Whipped Cream is coming out runny and watery, what’s wrong?

There’s really on a few factors as why this would be happening.

A. After you dispense a N20 charger, you aren’t shaking the dispenser, yielding the cream with the N20( you MUST does this before every use.)

B. There is a leak in your dispenser and the N20 isn’t making it all in the dispenser ( its common after you dispense the N20 into the canister and unscrew it you’ll hear some escape, that’s normal and is no reason for alarm, this will happen with every whipped cream dispenser, a small burst of pffft!)

C. You have a 1 litre dispenser and it takes 2-3 Chargers ( not 1 or 2 like half or full quart dispensers)

D. You are using a cream that doesn’t have a high fat content, we recommend Regular whipping cream over the fattier  Heavy whipping cream. But depending on the brand and type this isn’t always true. If you’re doing all these things right and still having the issue, try using heavy whipping cream instead and see if the results change.

E. You’re N20 is old, and no longer good. This usually isn’t the issue but if you’re using N20 that’s 10 years old, try some new chargers.

F. And finally make sure you aren’t using C02. As previously mentioned you can’t use C02 to make whipped cream!


3. I can hear that there is more cream inside the dispenser but it won’t come out! (Growl!)

This is a nuisance, especially when there is no way you are wasting this delicious treat. The truth is you’ll most likely always have a very small amount left on the bottom that won’t come out, because it’s mixed with the N20 it might look like “a lot” but truthfully it isn’t. If you’re finding it’s more then a little, put in another N20 charger, this will help you make sure you get every last drop. If this is a common issue you have every time, check your dispenser for any problems as well as your technique. Remember to always shake before using.


4. How long is the whipped cream good in the dispenser for?

A good rule is your charged whipped cream is as good as the expiration date on the Whipping Cream itself.


5. Should I take the charger holder off of the dispenser after I charge the dispenser?

It doesn’t matter either way, in fact in my house no one every takes the charger holder off. The choice is yours! But it will have no impact on the end result.


6. How many cartridges can I use in my dispenser?

Half Pint Dispenser = 1 to 2 chargers

One Pint Dispenser = 1 to 2 chargers

One Quart(Litre) – 2 to 3 chargers.

Don’t over charge your dispenser!


7. I didn’t follow your advice and I over charged my dispenser what should I do!?

If you’ve pressed the lever and it is totally locked up and your scared your going to have a full on house explosion, the good news is you probably won’t. Try to unscrew the head, if it won’t unscrew put it in hot water to loosen things up, and try again. But at this point there is few options, before you’ll start doing damage to it.


8.  Why is there an inconsistency to the cream coming out!?

One of  the biggest reasons is you must clean your dispenser out, take the parts out( the parts are made to come out in most dispensers) you should have a head valve, a gasket, tips, take them out and clean them thoroughly, after you are done with a batch. If you are not cleaning it out thoroughly cream particles stick in the head valve making it come out less fluffy. The only other reason is the N20 to cream ratio is off and or you are not shaking it well enough before use.


9.  Every time I dispense a N20 cartridge into my dispenser is shoots out the nozzle OR gas is escaping from where the head and the canister meets!

If the N20 is escaping from the nozzle, it means the head valve is bad and you need a new head valve, this is the only solution. Make sure not to tamper with your head valve, unless you are cleaning it, this will limit issues.

If gas is escaping from where the head and the canister meet, check to make sure your gasket is in place! If you don’t have a gasket, that’s why it’s leaking. If you do have a gasket and it’s still doing that, this means your gasket has some kind of laceration for it not to have a tight seal and it’s time to replace your gasket.


10.  I have no idea what I’m doing, can you just walk me through it? 
Absolutely! Let me break it down for you.
1 pint whipped cream dispenser, takes 1 pint of Regular whipping cream and one N20 charger. Put the cream in the canister, then dispense one n20 charger, and give it a few very good shake. Make sure your dispenser is pointing down and press the lever. Keep it refrigerated when your not using it, and before every use give another good few shakes. Once all the cream is done and out, take the dispenser apart and clean it, taking the parts out. That’s all there is to it! If you clean it and follow procedure you’ll have a well working dispenser for a long time!





  1. Creamright

    What kind of dispenser do you have? Your problem sounds like something is wrong with the head valve. You’ll need to replace this piece for it to work.

  2. Cheryl Brands

    I just purchased a new Chef Master 1 liter whipped cream dispenser, after using it I thought it was time to change out the whipped cream so tried releasing the pressure and dispensing any left over cream, thinking I had it done I tried opening the top and found myself and my kitchen covered in whipped cream. While this was extremely funny like an episode of “I Love Lucy” I would like to not do it again. Is there a “BEST” way to release the pressure?

  3. Michele

    What if the whipped cream is still in the dispenser but wont come out. When I open it up it has the marsh mellow type consistency? I do leave it in the refrigerator for a few days, I’m assuming thats OK?

  4. Patricia

    We seem to be going thru 4 cartridges a day..

    Is that normal since we only use about 2 pints a day? 

  5. Creamright

    You’ll want press the lever of the dispenser to release all the gas before trying to open the top. This would be the best way moving fwd!

  6. Creamright

    Yes, it’s fine to leave in the dispenser for a few days. The whipped cream is only good for the expiration date on the whipping cream itself. Without knowing the kind of dispenser you have, size or any other details – it’s hard to tell you the right answer. I would tell you that if you have a 1 pint dispenser and find that only 1 charger isn’t working, try 2. Always make sure to give the dispenser a few shakes before each use.

  7. Creamright

    Put a rag over the top of the dispenser and take the head off. Do this in the sink as it might turn into a big mess. Make sure to keep the rag on top. Continue to put hot waster over the head to loosen it up a bit.

  8. Ayla Salazar

    I have an ISO dispenser and I’m having a problem. It’s brand new and I’ve used it twice. Gas does not escape and it dispenses nice fluffy cream, but it comes out of the nozzle AND the place where the nozzle and head meet, under the lever where the spring is. How can I get it to come out of just the nozzle?

  9. akhmal

    hii pros,

    I have a problem with the dispenser. Each and every time i use it, the gas seems to be out. But when open it, it have about a quarter of cream inside. Why? It will be a waste.

    How do i overcome this issue? i just want to have every drops of cream dispensed out.

    Please help me.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Valery

    Pls help. I loaded my whipper with potato emulsion and charged but can’t press a lever at all. How can I take the gas out? What could be the problem?

  11. Megan

    Can you please explain why N2O works better than  CO2? We currently use CO2 at our shop and it’s true that there are some problems, but I need to be able to build a case for switching/investing in a new product. Thanks!

  12. Marian

    Can I use a half pint of heavy whipping cream in a one pint dispenser? Would I use one or two chargers?

  13. John Nemecek

    I have a slow leak. Very slowly the whipped cream oozes out the top of the nozzel. The valve seems to be seated (I pulled up on the handle) …. but still slowly leaks. The valve is rather hard to move in the sleeve. Would a new valve be the answer? Or is it worn out? I have had this unit for over 20 years.

  14. Carol

    How long are the whipping chargers good for use?   I have some that are 25 years old. Can’t find an expiration date on box?

  15. Nitasha keswani

    I have a 500ml cream whipper dispenser, should i be using 1 charger or 2 as m cream is coming out less stiff and more liquidity and if using 2 so use them immediately 1 after the other or use 1 first then let it finish and wen again the cream is little liquidy then use the other , as if after charging if i am opening the charger holder i heard some gas escape so dint open it .?

    Thank you

  16. Karen

    I’m finding the cream is going sour after a couple of days in the canister this has just started happening is this faulty chargers or has the canister become faulty?

  17. dapbel

    i put our whipped cream dispenser over night in the freezer, in the morning after defrosting it for an hour, the cream seems to be watery and just air/gas coming out. what are the ways to defrost it?

  18. Rebecca McClendon

    i have an older model 0.5l creamer purchased from Williams-Sonoma between 2000 and 2005. the ISI brand charger has too large of neck to be used successfully, and I am trying to find a brand of charger to purchase so I can use my creamer. I have 3 boxes of 10 ISI K8639 which are unusable! I was told by a clerk at a WS store there are two primary brands, but she was unable to tell me what the other brand is. I call customer service at WS and got the same dead end. the chargers are not sold in the stores where I live, so I will have to order on-line and would prefer to know where to focus before just randomly ordering. thank you

  19. Louise

    I saw where a girl was killed using a n2o dispenser, when it exploded & hit her in the chest.  Are there safety issues?

  20. RG

    The article states, “If you’ve pressed the lever and it is totally locked up and your scared your going to have a full on house explosion, the good news is you probably won’t. Try to unscrew the head, if it won’t unscrew put it in hot water to loosen things up, and try again. But at this point there is few options, before you’ll start doing damage to it.”

    You may wish to read this article entitled, “French fitness model and blogger killed by exploding whipped cream canister.”

  21. Al

    do these whip cream bottles require hydrostatic testing or do they have expiration dates stamped on them?

  22. Jennifer Kyle

    I got my mom a Kayser SAHNEboy Whipped Cream Dispenser for Xmas 2016 she couldn’t figure out how to use it and stashed it away without cleaning it properly. I found it the other day and discovered it was mouldy and gross (yay) and i would like some advice on how best to clean it. After i washed all the parts thoroughly i found that there is a small silicone seal around where the gas comes out inside the bottle that i dont know how to clean this part better to remove the foul smell. Can anyone help me? I am determined to revive this thing but it smells pretty funky 🙁

  23. Julie

    My sister left the whipped  cream in the container too long and it soured and smells terrible. How can I clean it to get that smell out? I washed it in vinegar, I filled it with baking soda and let it sit, I have washed it
    with lemon juice and nothing seemed to take out that smell.
    Please help.

  24. June Fraser

    My dispenser has worked perfectly until yesterday, it will not dispense anything?? Do not know what to do

  25. Deb Shaw

    I LOVE MY ISI,I add 0ne teaspoon of vanilla extract and 3 tablespoons of confectionary sugar. It is WONDERFUL!!

  26. Gil

    I have an ISI Profi. It started leaking whip cream from the little hole that is used to peirce and inject the N2O into the container (after I remove the charger holder. I always remove it immediately after charging). I haven’t been able to find any help regarding this odd issue. Any thoughts? Thank you

  27. Thomsen Barb

    when we are done using the cream maker, the cream continues to come out of the nozzle (though more liquid that cream). Any ideas of what might be causing this?

  28. RG

    I have an ISI creamer from around 1992 that is still in superb shape. I purchased cartridges from EBAY for it about 5 years ago and have finally run out. The cartridges came in a box that said “ISI CREME” (not CREAM). Are there newer cartridges that are compatible? They don’t look quite the same in the pictures. I don’t think the newest ISI creamer uses the same cartridges. Thanks.

  29. Ryan

    My iSi has to be one of the most frustrating items I’ve ever owned. Sometimes it works, sometimes it’s runny, sometimes it won’t turn off, sometimes it starts perfect and turns runny. I hate it.

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