Filtering CO2 and N2O gas.

If you haven’t heard of it already and or purchased one, there is a this very neat gadget that we have had great success with, that will filter out any impurities in your gas, keeping your whipped cream fresher, and cleaner, and will ensure a clean taste and the best purity possible. Regardless of the source, N2O for the steel chargers is inserted into steel cartridges in a very cold state, and there is always a risk that carbon will mix with the nitrous oxide (N2O). This gadget offers point of use filtration to guarantee you the best purity. The NitroKit is really easy to use, and can be taken off of your whipper at anytime, and after you have used it to dispense the N20.

The NitroKit filtering system will also add to the life of your piercing pin on the head of you whipper. As you will not be directly impacting it, but allowing the pin of the NitroKit to take the impact of the pressure, keeping the head piercing pin un-impacted.  Since they do not sell parts for the piercing pin and if the piercing pin goes you will have to buy an entire new head for your whipper which can be costly. The NitroKit works with any 8 gram chargers – it comes in white and black.  You can buy it from and also


  1. Karl Doenges

    I find this kit very interesting for 2 reasons.

    The first is that the last time I used my whipper, I wanted to see/feel how the puncture pin was holding up. After sticking my finger in to feel the pin, not only was it very ‘dull’ rounded feeling, but my finger came out black!

    So I believe this nitro kit can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Save your whipper and remove or at least reduce the foreign materials impinging on the finished product.

    Sounds like a great idea to me!

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