McWhipped Cream

Yesterday there was that very disturbingly gross picture floating around the internet like wildfire, and a major news magazine site picked it up to better explain that the photo is  –  “Mechanically separated poultry” –  Viva la Chicken McNuggets! Pretty tasty huh?

“because it’s crawling with bacteria, it will be washed with ammonia… Then, because it tastes gross, it will be re flavored artificially. Then, because it is weirdly pink, it will be dyed with artificial color.”

Not only will I never eat a chicken nugget again, I’m pretty sure any chance of wanting strawberry soft serve ice cream in the near future is out of the playing field as well.

But it got me thinking also of other foods we eat without thinking about where or how it was made, food’s we consume  stuffed and packed with chemicals.  So what does this have to do with whipped cream? Simple, what kind of whipped cream are you choosing to consume? If you need any more evidence to why we should be saying goodbye to fake food, take a look at this experiement.

Jonathan fields did a Cool-Whip experiment. Put cool whip in a bowl for 12 days…look at the results – – I think it’s fair to say that it’s time to switch to the real thing. Not a whip cream, that you can literally write on less then 2 weeks later. I think the evidence here is stronger then the argument.

Try a a whip cream dispenser using real ingredients and pharmaceutical grade N2O –   gastronomic pleasures. You won’t be able to write on it less then 2 weeks later. In fact, chances are, it will still be fresh.


  1. Sean Cunningham

    My wife and I get into discussions about stuff like this on occasion. While the Cool Whip is no doubt teeming with unpronouncable chemicals, the “leaving it out for XX weeks/months” test is a bit misleading. A better test would be to douse it in saliva, mash it up a bit, then hit it with some sort of stomach acid analog and see how it does. After all, our digestive system doesn’t simply hold our food in a vacuum and wait for time to break it down.

  2. tkl2

    Wow that chicken is disgusting! I can’t believe it is legal to serve that as food without a warning. My childhood favorite is ruined!

  3. Gio

    More and more it’s coming to light the simpler and fewer ingredients a food is, the better it is for you and the easier on your body it is.

    Glad the nice folks at creamright are on to this…

  4. Fletcher

    It’s worth mentioning that McNuggets don’t use mechanically separated chicken any more. Foods that do have mechanically separated poultry must label it as such on the ingredient lists. But the difference between real fresh whipped cream and cool whip or even store whipped cream is undeniable! The best foods are always those that were made seconds ago in my opinion…

  5. Rob

    Better living through Chemistry! I prefer my food the old-fashioned way, handmade and recognizable…

  6. Ritter

    What! That is the most disgusting thing ever… And to think I always loved chicken mcnuggets :(.

  7. Mikol

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  8. Austin Young

    Now i know why i was never aloud to eat Mcdonalds growing up! Nor will i ever eat it again, regardless if they no longer use mechanically separated meat. Organic foods are healthier and down right tastier.

  9. Sam

    The type of whip cream charger makes a huge difference. I’ve had inferior products that left the whipped cream tasting metallic…gross.

    The best so far is purewhip, never going to get no-name canisters again.

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