Older Soda Siphons

Every day we get people calling up asking “Do you have a charger holder that will fit my old soda siphon?”. A lot of people pick up soda siphons at estate sales, garage sales,thrift stores or on Ebay; you can find old soda siphons in many places. It is very important that before you purchase a used soda siphon you make sure it comes with a charger holder, if there is no charger holder, don’t waste your time —  its often very difficult to find old charger holders.  We try very hard to find the right fit to older soda siphons, but the reality is often times the charger holders that will work are unobtainable.  The best luck we have had to find older soda siphon parts is to to check on Ebay. Here are a few brands that we do not have charger holders that will fit for.

We do NOT have parts for:
Soda King
Unknown soda siphons / seltzer bottles with no name.

The only soda siphon charger holders that we carry is the new ISI soda siphon charger holder, which is universal with the New* Classic Glass Soda  Siphon(Note: Not the *Old classic glass soda siphon, in most cases this charger holder it is much to big.). We also have Mosa charger holders that only fit Mosa  soda siphons(also about an inch in diameter).  To see if your siphon will fit this charger holder that we carry the first place to start is measuring  the metal screw  on where you would screw the charger holder.

ISI Soda Siphons

ISI changed their model of there soda siphon in 1996 the soda siphon on the right is the *NEW soda siphon while the soda siphon on the left is the old model. The charger holders are different and the new soda siphon charger holder doesn’t  fit onto the old one.









The Charger holder on the right is new, where the charger holder on the left(with wings) is old.

Here is a diagram of the old ISI soda siphon model, and the new ISI soda siphon model.










A good indication of how old your ISI soda siphon is, is by looking at the bottom of the siphon, here is the diagram:




Soda siphons are a great tool to make soda water and an environmentally smarter choice.  But its important before you obtain a used siphon you have the parts you need for it to work. If you don’t have a charger holder, your soda siphon will not work.  If you have any questions about different soda siphons or what kind of soda siphon you have feel free to leave a comment or shoot us an email!